Saturday, April 2, 2011

Article Writing Versus Blogging

Blogging and Article Writing

This article talks about the difference between blogging and article writing, the SEO benefits of each, and whether you need to buy a domain name and have a hosted blog or website or not.

I talk about how you set up your own hosted blog on Wordpress or some other template building site, get hosting, and whether you should go for the blog format, or the article writing format on your site.

I compare the amount of money you can make from paying to get your own domain with writing articles and blogs for free on other people's websites, and whether it's worth all the hassle.

Personally, I'm quite happy writing articles on Factoidz, and doing my free blogs here and on Typepad. I've just started making money from Amazon ads, and I make about a hundred a month on Factoidz, and more from other sites.

It's rising fairly quickly too, because I've only been writing there for three months, and I have continually made more each month, so I am predicting that in a year or so, I should be making enough to pay all of my bills, when you add up all of the money I make from all of the article writing sites and blogging sites I write on.

Take a look at the article, and if you are a blogger yourself, you might enjoy blogging in bed on an iPad 2, which I am doing now.

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