Get a Thousand Twitter Followers a Day Free!

How do you get a Thousand Twitter Followers a day for Free?

It's pretty simple really, you go to Twiends, sign in with your Twitter account, and your Facebook account, choose the amount of credits you want to offer, and to which people, and you like Facebook pages, follow people on Twitter, and even watch You Tube videos to earn points which can then be traded for Twitter followers of your own. 

You can also use the site to get Facebook page likes, and You Tube views. It's possible to have multiple Twiends accounts, but each one is best set up with a separate Twitter and Facebook account in order to make the most of the site. 

You can only follow a certain number of people each day on Twitter, perhaps two hundred, so that's why it may be beneficial to have multiple accounts, although bear in mind a lot of your followers will be the same people. 

I explain how to manage multiple accounts, how to tweet things that have widespread appeal to your thousands of followers, how to set up recurring scheduled tweets, and tweet to multiple accounts at the same time in my article: Professional Social Promotion Techniques.

The real reason why I get so many in a day? I sit in bed and press the buttons on Twiends on my iPad while watching TV, which means I can work when I'm not working, and be twice as productive.

Update: three years later, Twiends is still the best way I know to get Twitter followers. I've changed a lot of things since then, but one thing I haven't changed is that I still get tons of traffic from Twitter, and now my followers list is in the tens of thousands.

I can also help you get some followers by clicking the button for you on Twiends, or through a number of other sites and methods as well. If you're interested in that, send me a message at