Friday, January 28, 2011

What Are the Most Searched Things on Google?

What Are the Most Searched Things on Google?

How does a person like me come up with a list of the most searched things on Google, when Google themselves does not publicly make available such a list? I used the Google Adwords keyword tool, which I also use for doing SEO keyword research for my articles, and I made comparisons of the search volumes of different keywords with each other. In this way I was able to compile this set of words, which are mostly sites, but some are also general terms such as sex.

I have written many articles on this subject, because once I had the information, I thought it was a shame to only do one, so I recycled it with many different titles, and almost all of them have been successful to some degree. That's one of the things about SEO for your articles. It's not always about getting one site to rank well, but getting dozens of different sites to do well in different searches, then linking them to each other.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to build social bookmarking back links

By using Add This, I have been able to work out a way to make some fairly good back links, that usually push my articles up to the first page of Google.

My favorite social bookmarking sites are She Told Me, Blurpalicios, RedGage and Digg, among many others, but the reason why I mention those, is I can make back links to the URL of the links I make from these sites.

for example, I'll make a She Told Me link, then make a Blurpalicious link to that, then make back links to the Blurpalicious link.

In this way, I transfer page rank to my primary back links, which in turn boosts the page rank of my article.

I haven't done enough of it to raise the page rank of one of my articles past PR 1, but as long as you have the right title, and keyword content, and choose a title without too much competition for your article, you can get to the top of the first page most of the time.

SEO is about back links as much as anything else, once you have the on-page optimization right, and you need to start somewhere, and social bookmarking links are the place to start.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Writing Articles as Back Links for Other Articles

I have figured out from a lot of trial and error, that if you can't get a back link from the home page of a big website that is relevant to your site, you need to make lots of back links from articles, and boost their page rank with social bookmarking links, and links from yet more articles.

You may be able to hire a cheap article writing service through an SEO company, or on a site like Freelancer, or you might like to hire me through Fiverr, but I charge about five dollars per article, because I make dozens of back links to them, because I want them to be on the first page in Australia, as I make money from that also.

I write on sites like Triond, Factoidz, Squidoo, HubPages etc, and I make back links from sites like Digg, Delicious, Linked In, and about twenty other social bookmarking sites. I make back links to my back links to create a high page rank back link for my articles.

Sites like She Told Me, Redgage, etc. I make a link from them, and then boost the page rank with back links from sites like Bentio, Bebo, Google Buzz, Netvibes etc. There may be a simple way to make quality back links, but so far, I haven't learned it, and I just try to make back links from writing articles.

I am doing alright at it, like I am on the first page of a Google search in Australia on: How to make a million dollars. This is an article on Bukisa advertising my Sidetick referral link. It's free to join, with seven levels of referral. Only pays people in countries that speak English as a first language.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can you get a Free Blog to Have a High Page Rank

I don't know how some free blogs from Blogspot get a high page rank, I guess that people must have to maintain them, and regularly update them with relevant content, or otherwise it just drops to zero.

I made a ton of back links to this blog, and so far I succeeded in getting a page rank of 0. I saw another free blog on Blogger with a page rank of n/a.

This blog on SEO articles was an experiment, to see if I could use the SEO techniques I learned from writing articles to boost a free blog to a high level on the search engines, and so far it has been a huge failure.

I would suggest you join an article writing site like Factoidz or Triond if you want a way to blog about things, and have pages that can get a good page rank easily. Either that, or pay for a domain name, hosting, and an SEO company to build high page rank back links.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SEO for Your Articles

To have good SEO for your articles, you need to have a good page rank, which is mostly about having back links from many sites with good page ranks, and also a combination of different page ranked back links, and different link text. It can't look to forced, or too unprofessional.

Don't spend too much time trying to make links to your website, blog, or articles, as you need to keep writing more, but back links from other articles are a good way to increase the traffic to your articles, in that sometimes people click on the links, and they give the site you are linking to link weight.

Search engine optimization is all about telling Google that you are the main page, and the most relevant page. You don't want to seem like a spammer, so don't throw in too many keywords, and one of the biggest Google algorithms that people often forget, is you have to update your site regularly with new content. That is especially important for a blog like this one.

I am trying to build up the page rank of this site, by writing a lot of posts about SEO, and articles, and then I have to make back links to each post, and the home page, from about a dozen different social bookmarking sites, and even articles.

How to get Traffic to Your Articles

Let's say you typed in: how to get the most traffic to your articles. The articles that appeared on the first page of that Google search would be the ones with titles, and keyword content that had the most relevant, related keywords. Then it's about page rank, which is mostly to do with back links.

Keywords, particularly in the title, are the first factor Google looks at when deciding which article to place highest in a search, (you should have the first two tagged keywords in every paragraph, (for me it is traffic and articles) as around 3% of the overall text, but there are so many different algorithms written into Google, I could not possibly explain everything about SEO in this post.

There is an algorithm for latent semantic indexing, which means using your keywords in different orders, like article traffic. There is an algorithm for the photos and videos, and the amount of time it takes the page to load.

There are so many different algorithms, but I just try to pick a good title, include a reasonable amount of keywords, and complimentary keywords. Maybe some long tail keyword phrases in the last tags, and then I make back links from many social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Yahoo Buzz, Google Buzz, Google Reader, Bentio, She Told Me, RedGage, Linked In etc, and if I have the time, I make back links from different relevant articles.

This is the way you get a good page rank, and if you have your on-page optimization sorted, and you know enough about SEO, and make good back links, then you should get a lot of traffic to your articles, or in this case, my blog, SEO Articles.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Inexpensive SEO Content Writer

I have learned so much about writing good SEO Content from my time being an article writer over the last few years.

I am looking for a regular job submitting content for a website or blog that has something to do with SEO, or writing, or something I know a bit about.

I know about using the right percentage of keywords on the page, and I have a basic understanding about latent semantics, such as writing content with good SEO.

I want to work from home, and even though I am not in a third world country, I would accept a low rate of pay to start off with, until I learned the ropes, and showed that I could do my job very effectively to get search engine traffic.

Contact me at

SEO Content Written Cheaply

I have learned a lot about SEO in the last two years as an online article writer. I have sometimes been payed only a dollar or so for one of my articles, due to changes in the sites I was writing for.

for example, I wrote at Associated Content, and then they cancelled payment to international contributors. Then I wrote for Bukisa, and they switched payment from views on the page to Adsense or Chitika, and I am not making much from them, as Bukisa takes the best advertising positions on the page for themselves.

I am writing on Factoidz now, where I make an activity bonus, as well as a residual income, so I make a couple of dollars a day there in my first month so far.

I would like to find someone who recognizes my talent for SEO articles, my understanding of the percentage of keywords needed in the text, latent semantic indexing, and how to make good back links, and hires me to write cheap SEO content for their website.

I could write for about a dollar or two per hundred words, depending on how seriously you wanted me to check the keyword percentages, and the quality you expected.

If you are interested, I have a gig on, and my username is rowanman28, or you can message me at rowancasey@big

Do you Have to Write Articles to Make Good Back Links?

As far as I can tell, a proper relevant article is the best way to make a good back link, if you can't make one from the home page of a large relevant website with a good page rank.

You can give articles on many sites a good page rank by making social bookmarking back links to it, and then make back links to your website from relevant link text.

Even the social bookmarking links should have back link from each other, in order to get the best SEO results.

That way you build up levels of page ranks that boost your website up to the highest possible Google rating.

How to Build a Passive Income Online

It is definitely not easy to build a passive income online, but the more I do, the more I learn about it. My articles are doing better, and I have learned a lot about SEO, but I still have a lot to learn.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Writing Articles on Bukisa Can Build You a Real Residual Income

This is one of my early articles on Bukisa. I'm just using it to try out this new service of auto posting called Amplify.

Writing Articles Online

This article used to be on the first page of a Google search, because I know a lot about SEO, and how to use it in my articles.

Rowan Casey's Google Profile About SEO

I was told that to give my public Google profile a better SEO rank, I should link to it on my blog, or from other places, and I think that I will do that, because it has a ton of do follow links to my articles on it.

I was kind of assuming that it would already have a good SEO rank, because it was on Google, but maybe that was stupid.

Yes, it was stupid, because even Google sites have to follow the same rules in their search engine as everyone else, so here is a link to my Google profile: Rowan Casey.

You can find all of my buzzes, and my RSS feeds on Google Reader here on my Google profile page. It has all of my articles, and a lot of helpful information about SEO.

SEO Articles for Your Website

I can write a whole bunch of articles on different sites that create really good quality back links for your business, and I can do it at a really good rate, compared to some of the other SEO companies out there.

Keep in mind, that spun articles do not read well, and duplicated articles are only indexed by Google for a short time, and then they gradually fall out of a Google search, and lose their Google rating.

I am in Australia, and I can write articles which get on the first page of a Google search here, where it may be a lot harder to compete for the first page in America.

Take a look at my profile, where I will write a quality SEO article that makes a great back link and permanent ad for your website for $5.

If you want me to write articles with good SEO on your website, we can work out a different rate for that, cause I don't get paid in residuals.

I also have other services, like making back links from high PR social bookmarking sites, tweeting, digging, etc.

What Have I Learned About SEO for Articles?

I have learned a lot about SEO for articles over the past year or so. I have learned that social bookmarking links do work, but links from articles with a good page rank are better, because they are relevant, proper pages.

Google likes a regular update of content, and that's half the reason why I'm writing this post. You don't want to only make back links from sites with good page ranks, but from different places, so it seems natural.

The keyword content is a little important, but you just want to include enough keywords so you get recognized, and not so many that you seem like spam.

I find that picking a more specific title for your articles is better, because you can get onto the first page of Google all over the world, where it is harder to compete for a more popular title.

My Favorite Social Bookmarking Links for SEO

My favorite social bookmarking links that have good SEO benefit are: Digg, Delicious, Google Bookmarks, (but you have to make lists), Google Reader, Twitter (no follow), Bentio, Bebo, Blurpalicious, Blinklist, Myspace, Linked In, My Aol, Mixx, Netvibes, She Told Me, Springpad, Typepad, Worpress, and RedGage.

Some people say that these aren't enough to compete for some popular keywords, and if you want extra back links, try Triond, HubPages, Squidoo, IM Faceplate, Go Articles, Ezine Articles, Associated Content, etc. These should give you the SEO boost you need for your articles or website.

Social Bookmarking Sites That Waste Your Time

There are so many social bookmarking sites out there that you would expect would have do follow links, and then when you take a look, they are totally unhelpful for SEO.

I only know this because I have a special SEO toolbar on my Firefox browser from SEO Book. It's a good thing to have.

Some of the sites I have found which are useless are Extraplay, Mister Wong, Netlog, and I'm sure you know that Twitter and Facebook have no follow links, but Google does still give some weight to these links anyway.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's see if I can write some articles about SEO

I have written many articles about SEO, but it seems a lot harder to write a blog about SEO articles. I am doing well on Factoidz, and making money from my articles. I make back links from about thirty different social bookmarking sites to each one I write there, and because they pay me an activity bonus for publishing regularly, and having a good SEO rank, I'm doing OK. I don't know about this blog though.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to use Google Bookmarks for SEO Benefit to Your Articles

I have just discovered that my Google Bookmarks were not publicly listed on Google, and so had no beneficial effect on my Google rating, unless I'm mistaken. The only way to make your Google Bookmarks bookmarks public is to put them in a list. This list then becomes public. I have a list of all my different articles about SEO, and a list of all of my articles on the most searched words on Google, and I think I will have to continue to make public lists, because you can't get a much better do follow back link in SEO to your articles than from Google itself.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can you Really use SEO to Make a Free Blog Successful?

To tell you the truth, I think that making a blog is a complete waste of time, if it is a free blog. I much prefer writing articles, so I don't have to continually update a blog with SEO content relevant to the title of the blog, and I have noticed that the links I made from this free blog actually hurt the Google rating of the pages I was linking to. This was a bit of an experiment, and it isn't over yet, as some of my other free blogs on Wordpress and Typepad seem to be doing alright, but I really don't think that this blog is ever going to be on the first page of a Google search, and I may just abandon it. The SEO of my articles on Factoidz are so much better.

SEO Articles: My New Blog

SEO Articles: My New Blog
This is an article on Triond which link back to this blog SEO Articles. I have found that my page rank actually seemed to get worse when I made links from this free blog to my articles on SEO, because I have not built a good page rank for this blog yet. In order to build a good page rank for this blog, I guess I will have to update it regularly with SEO content relating to SEO.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Doing Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most overlooked things in SEO for articles. To do really well in a Google search, especially a popular Google search, you have to know whether there is a lot of competition for that search, and just how popular a search it is. You need to find exact search volumes for that keyword phrase that you want for your title, and you have to discover how many exact matches there are, and it also helps to know their page rank, and other SEO details. Check out the article to find out more about keyword research, and stay tuned for more in this blog on SEO for articles.

Everything you Need to Know About SEO

Everything you Need to Know About SEO
This article has almost everything you know about SEO, whether in your articles, blogs, or websites, this article will teach you the SEO techniques needed to make them do well in a Google search. What do you need to know about SEO? Everything.

Commenting on Other People’s Articles Improves Your Google Rating | Webupon

Commenting on Other People’s Articles Improves Your Google Rating  
When you comment on other people's articles, it improves your Google rating, because it makes a back link to your profile page, and if they return the comment, you get an extra hit of traffic, which is a really good SEO technique to get legitimate hits on your articles. 

How Much Can You Make From One Article?

How Much Can You Make From One Article? | Webupon
If you do your keyword research, and apply lots of SEO techniques to your articles, you can make quite a lot, depending on the payment program of your advertiser, or article writing site. This article explains how to use SEO techniques to get your articles to make you a lot of money.

Does SEO Really Matter for Getting Your Articles to The First Page of a Google Search? | Webupon

Does SEO Really Matter for Getting Your Articles to The First Page of a Google Search? | Webupon
If you want to get your articles on the first page of Google searches around the world, you need to know many different SEO techniques such as keyword content, keyword research, title choice and link building. You really need to do your homework and learn SEO, if you want to be successful as an article writer.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is SEO Really Important?

Is SEO Really Important? 
SEO is really important. SEO in your articles and sites is the way to get them onto the first page of a Google search. If you don't know anything about SEO, and you write articles, then you have to read this article.

Do You Have to Specialize in One Category of Keywords?

Do You Have to Specialize in One Category of Keywords?
When making a free blog particularly, you have to specialize in a niche topic, or category of keywords, and continue to update regularly with SEO content relating to those keywords.

This is a really important SEO technique, and the same idea is also important for articles, or the SEO of any website. If you write many articles on a particular category of keywords, and specialize in it, you can link the articles together, and the links will be worth more, and Google will start to recognize you as an expert in the subject.

Which Sites Give the Best Back Links?

Back links are the best off-page SEO technique you can use, to boost the page rank and Google rating of your articles. You need to make back links from other articles, from relevant link text, hopefully from a very relevant article, and you can make back links from forums, blogs, and social bookmarking sites.

In the article in the link, I tell you the best sites to easily make back links from, and discuss link weight, and other issues relating to SEO and articles such as discovering whether the back links you are making have do follow or no follow links. Keep reading this blog to learn more about SEO for your articles.

Also, you might want to make a Facebook page to make good back links. It's quite easy to get a Facebook page up to a PR 6 or 7 by buying a lot of Facebook page likes.

The value of Facebook page likes cannot be underestimated, as Google and Facebook still see them as one of the most important factors in determining the popularity of a Facebook page.

Which social media sites give the best back links? It's hard to say for certain, as Google do not actually give out such information, and it will change based on the relevance and authority given to a particular social media page.

What I can say is that you need to have a natural looking link profile including a gradual increase of links from all sorts of different places, such as a blog like this one.

Which sites give the best back links? I would recommend Ezine articles,, Go Articles, Hub Pages, Factoidz, EHow, and making blog comments from Comment Luv blogs by doing a search which includes "yourname@yourkeywords".

For example, if you did a search on Google that looked like this: back links "yourname@yourkeywords" you would get a list of Comment Luv blogs which were related directly to back links.

This is a good start to finding the sites which give the best back links, as a lot of these are easy to get comments approved on, a lot of them are do follow, and it may help you out with some really good high page rank links to your site from relevant pages.

Article Titles

How Do You Write the Perfect Article Title?
To choose the perfect article title, you need to do some keyword research, to learn how much competition there is for that article title, and what the search volumes are like for that search.

You need to know SEO obviously, and you need to have a good understanding of the reasons why people would search for that particular article title. Anyway, read more on SEO and articles in this blog, and click on the link to learn more about keyword research to pick the perfect article title.

How Do You Get a Free Blog on the First Page of a Google Search?

How Do You Get a Free Blog on the First Page of a Google Search?
In order to get a free blog like this one on the first page of a Google search, you need to pick a specific keyword topic, and blog about it consistently, with a good knowledge of SEO.

A blog is different to writing articles, and requires different SEO methods, because all of the blog entries are posted on the same home page of the blog. You can get a free blog on the first page of a Google search if you really know SEO that is specific to a free blog.

What Do You Need to Know About SEO?

What Do You Need to Know About SEO?
There is a lot you need to learn about SEO, and the truth is, it is always changing, but you can be sure that Google aims to provide the highest quality, most relevant searches to their users, with the least amount of spam possible.

I have been following the changes in SEO over the past few years, and this article will teach you almost everything you need to know about SEO, such as keyword research, title choice, SEO content, on-page optimization and back link building. There is more to SEO than I can explain in this post, so read the article, or buy this book from Amazon.

Using SEO for Affiliate Marketing

Using SEO for Affiliate Marketing
To make a success of using SEO for affiliate marketing, you have to learn how to do keyword research to pick a good title, learn about on-page optimization, and most importantly, you need to learn about making back links.

The most important thing with SEO for affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing in general, is finding a niche to sell a product. You have to find a keyword that has a lot of people searching for it, but not too much competition. Read the article for more tips on using SEO in affiliate marketing.

Using Good SEO in Your Articles

Using Good SEO in Your Articles
In order to make your articles SEO friendly, you need to learn many different SEO techniques, such as title choice, keyword content, back link building, keyword research etc.

Using good SEO in your articles is really important to do if you want your articles to be successful, and get on the first page of a Google search. You should read this article, and learn the SEO techniques I use to get almost every article I write on the first page of a Google search.

SEO for Articles | Webupon

SEO for Articles | Webupon
This article teaches SEO for articles. SEO is very important to learn when you are writing articles, or writing in a blog like this one. You need to know SEO if you want your articles to get onto the first page of a Google search.

Read the article, and learn about keyword research, title choice, SEO content, back links, and all the other SEO techniques neccesary to have good SEO for your articles.

Get Paid to Tweet | Webupon

Get Paid to Tweet | Webupon
You can get paid to tweet the links to websites. The advertisers pay you to tweet, it's as simple as that. You can get paid a dollar per tweet or more if you have around a thousand Twitter followers, and you can get a thousand Twitter followers in a few days on some sites like Twiends. Take a look at the article, and learn how to get paid to tweet.