The Best Paid Article Writing Site Online


As far as I'm concerned, Knoji is the best paid article writing site online, as they combine an activity bonus with a residual income to give faster, higher pay for article writing than any other site.

After the recent Google farmer algorithm update, the site which used to be know as Factoidz is one of the only article writing sites to come out better off, because they focus on quality, and due to the stylish design of the pages, and factual information, there is a very low bounce rate, and so Google really like it.

The minimum length of an article is 400 words, unless you're writing a product review, and the minimum for that is 300. Product reviews can pay up to $15, and have very high rates for ongoing views of the page.

I prefer to write articles with titles that more people would search for, so as to hopefully get paid more in the long run. I get about $1.70 every time I publish an article there, and that goes up or down depending on how much traffic my articles pull in, their SEO rank, and the subject of the article.

For example, writing about business and real estate pays more than science. I could go on, and tell you about sites like Triond, but what's the point, when Knoji literally pays a hundred times more?

Update: three years later, I still think that Factoidz, (which has now changed it's name to Knoji), is the best paid article writing site online, at least for non-US citizens.

Sidetick isn't too bad either, I seem to remember getting paid at least a hundred dollars for not doing much there.