Saturday, April 16, 2011

How do you Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer Online?

Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer Online

How do you make money as an affiliate marketer online? It's not all that easy to get into the world of affiliate marketing, because there is a lot of competition from people trying to sell products from companies like Amazon and Clickbank, but really, it's the same sort of thing as having Google Adsense on your page, except you only get paid when someone actually buys the product. 

I am no expert in affiliate marketing, and this blog post is more of a question than an answer to how you make money as an online affiliate marketer, but from what I've learned so far, there are basically two or three main methods. 

You can pay for advertising, make pages with good SEO, or use social marketing to try to get a lot of traffic to your affiliate links, and hope that there are enough people that some of them will buy something. Some say that email lists are the way to go. 

Why do Most Affiliate Marketers Fail?

When you compare the amount of people who would actually buy a product to the number of people who would click on a Google ad, you realize that there is a massive difference in the numbers per thousand views. 

To get paid well for affiliate marketing, or better than you would for an ordinary ad, you need extremely targeted traffic to your website, article or blog post, and you need to pick an affiliate product that pays you well enough for it to be worth your while. 

This is why 99% of affiliate marketers fail. The products that pay the most, and can offer ongoing residual payments have so much stiff competition, you would be lucky to ever get an article or even an ad to compete for those keywords. 

Therefore, you can't get extremely targeted traffic to your pages promoting your high competition affiliate links, and probably the best you could hope for is to use social marketing on Twitter, or spam marketing using questionable methods to get less targeted traffic. 

I talked with this guy who spams emails to people whose email address he pulled off the net using illegal software, and he has to spam 500,000 people to get one sale.

Still, the affiliate marketing business is a billion dollar industry, and if I can't teach you how to do it, maybe you can get some tips from these books from Amazon.


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