Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making Money From Amazon Affiliates

Making Money As an Amazon Affiliate

As this article will explain, I have made some money from Amazon Affiliates from this blog, because I keep posting in it, and I put relevant product links in the post such as books on SEO.

So far, I have only made ten dollars from Amazon Affiliates, and I'm a long way off the $100 I need before they send me a check with my money, but I mainly use this blog for SEO purposes to make back links to my articles, so it doesn't bother me too much that it will take a while before the money comes in, because I'm getting paid from Factoidz, my main article writing site.

For example, I made about $100 last month on Factoidz, compared to the less than $10 I got from Amazon, and as soon as I published the article above, I got an activity bonus of $2.80, and continue to get paid around $5 per thousand views on the page.

I know that it takes a lot of skill to target the right sort of customers who already want to buy that particular product, but from what I've heard, 99% of all Amazon and Clickbank affiliates don't ever sell enough to get their first payout.

I guess I'll probably get paid eventually, only because I'm incredibly persistent, and it isn't actually the main focus of why I'm writing this blog. I write on SEO Articles to make back links to my articles, drive extra traffic, possibly pick up a job or gig in the SEO business, and even pick up referrals for Factoidz.

The small amount of money I make from Amazon affiliates is really only a bonus, and that's why I continue to write in this blog with Amazon ads, also because I lost my Google Adsense account, so it's either that, or nothing.

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