Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whitening Tips For Uneven Skin

Skin Whitening Tips For Uneven Skin

Here are some whitening tips that will help you smooth out your uneven skin tone if you have freckles, or birthmarks, scars, or anything like that.

First, you might want to try out the natural alternative treatments, such as lemon or lime juice, turmeric, or even potatoes and tomatoes.

Vitamin C has been shown to have a beneficial effect on lightening or bleaching the skin, with no harmful side effects.

The next step you might take involves doing some serious research. You could use a product that contains arbutin, glycolic acid, or any number of different things that have a whitening effect on patches of skin.

The chemicals I just mentioned are well known, and a natural source of hydroquinone, which is used in prescription creams prescribed by doctors.

You should always speak to your doctor about any major changes you may be seeking to make to your appearance, and especially about which types of chemicals will be most effective for your condition or skin type, with the least problems associated with their use.

For example, doctors do not recommend that you use a cream containing high concentrations of hydroquinone for any long amount of time, as it has side effects such as thinning of the skin.

You also have to be aware that if you are buying online, there are some less than reputable dealers, who offer you products that might contain poisonous chemicals such as mercury.

The way to ensure that an online company is reputable is do a lookup of the age of the site, and whether it has any negative reviews done on it.

Reviews aren't always trustworthy, as they may be done by the company themselves, or even by the competition to be falsely negative, but if there is a large amount of negative reviews, you can tell that there is something seriously wrong.

The reason being that the reviews that would show up highest would be those like medical sites that had gotten news of people being poisoned by mercury, and then they name the sites that had those products.

I'm not going to name any sites here that might have used those things, but what I will do is recommend Tonique Skin Care, as they use natural ingredients like arbutin and glycolic acid, which you can see from the Wikipedia page are recommended, and have no bad side effects.

The link is at the top of this post, and I would suggest you take a look at that to get some more skin whitening tips, if you have a problem with uneven skin.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ways To Promote Your Blog

Different Ways To Promote Your Blog

Here are some different ways to promote your website, video, or blog online. I saw it covered in a lot more detail in a page called SEO tips for article writers and bloggers, but I will now summarize what was in that thousand word article here. 

First of all, it's a good idea to get yourself a money site, or a hosted Wordpress website that is selling something, or that makes a good deal of money from something like ads. 

If you are relying on Adsense to make the money, you will have to at the very least choose a topic that doesn't have a lot of competition, but a reasonably high pay per click rate. 

That's not easy to do, and that's why a lot of people decide to try to sell an affiliate product instead. That in itself has a lot of problems. 

I personally chose to sell my own services doing anything that people wanted me to do. Things like making videos, getting them followers, writing articles, giving SEO, SMO, and general internet marketing advice. 

Whatever you decide on, if it's building a list of targeted subscribers, or trying to build a site where people make content for you, or return all the time to do one thing or another, you need to have a plan. 

I prefer the idea of having one main site, and doing everything else online to drive traffic back to the site, and help it's SEO. 

A lot of sites have a problem with people promoting their sites in a way that looks like spam, so you have to take into account the terms and conditions of each site involved. 

SEO Tips For Bloggers

It's not easy to say you should just do one thing or another, but this blog isn't doing as well as my main blog, simply because it's a free Blogger blog, rather than a hosted blog on my own server. 

My strategy is to have one site that showcases my services as a social media consultant, and build a link pyramid to it in a natural looking way from all over the place, but particularly from high quality places. 

For example, I would start by sharing a page on my main site with all of my social connections on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and maybe a few others. 

I don't bother so much with the social bookmarking anymore, and what I mainly focus on is trying to create high quality back links. 

What makes a high quality back link you ask? It has to have a lot of text on it, and perhaps a photo or video or both, with keyword related alt text and file names. 

It has to have sub-headings, mention the keyword phrase, in this case ways to promote your blog a couple of times, but not so much as to attract attention as being "over optimized".

Some of the sites that you might write on are Knoji, Blogger, Yahoo Voices, Squidoo, Hub Pages, eHow and The Guardian, (if you're in the US), Info Barrel, Triond, Ezine, and maybe Typepad. 

I'd avoid, because they suspended my free blog after four years of writing on it for no reason. I probably was being overly commercial, but that whole site is really low quality, and when people say Wordpress, they mean 

So you do all of that, and then you get social media followers and tweet to them, and keep writing, and that's about it. Hope that was some helpful tips on SEO for bloggers and article writers. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ways To Make Your Skin Lighter

Different Ways To Make Your Skin Lighter

I just wrote an article called how to make your skin lighter on Knoji, and I wanted to promote it a little, and so I'm publishing this blog post. 

It talks about the different ways you can make your skin lighter, everything from lemon or lime juice, to more effective products that use natural ingredients like arbutin, to potentially deadly products that have been found to contain mercury. 

Skin whitening is not for everybody, as some people have really dark skin, and bleaching could be a massive change for them, more serious a life decision than plastic surgery. 

Take the example of Michael Jackson, who changed his skin tone from black to white by using a prescription cream containing hydroquinone. 

The product being advertised in the video above from Tonique Skin Care contains arbutin, which is a natural source of hydroquinone, and as such, has a similar, although less powerful effect as that chemical. 

Bleaching the skin is best saved for those who have white skin already, and have a patch of skin that they want to even out. 

For example, someone may have freckles, birthmarks, acne scars, sun spots, liver spots, pregnancy marks, hypo-pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, or any number of things which leave uneven skin tone on naturally white skin. 

It is possible to change your whole skin color from say yellow, or brown to white, but these sort of cultural or purely cosmetic reasons for changing skin tone are not the primary reason for these treatments. 

The idea is that if somebody has a patch of skin that is darker, or red, with all white skin surrounding it, then they can bleach the skin in stages, in order to make it more like the surrounding area.

It's not easy for everyone to get a prescription handed out for a more powerful cream, and so there fore a site like is a necessity, especially seeing as there are a number of less reputable companies selling inferior products.

The only real advice is to do your research, (there's some high quality skin whitening tips on the Tonique Facebook page), talk to your doctor, and once you are completely certain of what you can expect, use a skin whitening, lightening, or bleaching chemical if it is, and only if it is required.