Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's the Difference Between Blogging and Article Writing?

The Difference Between Blogging and Article Writing

The difference between a blog and an article is a subtle thing, but it is fairly important. A blog is a site where all of your most recent posts appear on the home page, one after the other, while an article is a stand-alone page, which only has links made to it on the home page or profile page. 
A blog can be better for SEO purposes in making back links to another site or article if the home page of the blog has a good page rank, otherwise, it doesn't really help at all. 

This blog for example, doesn't even have a page rank of 0, and I've been building back links to it for a long time, and posting regularly. 

Obviously I'm doing something wrong, and I think the reason is that I lost my Google Adsense account, and as Google owns Blogger, they rank my blog here lower, because it's only showing Amazon ads. 

Still, I have sold a few Amazon products through this blog, with the most successful being the books on SEO, but I'm still not gettting my blog posts on the first page of a popular Google search, and that's why this blog post is only being made as a back link to the real article on Factoidz. 

Take a look at the real article, where I discuss the SEO benefits of blogging and article writing, and whether you need to buy your own domain name, or whether you can find a free site to blog on or write articles which pays just as well.

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