Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sounds a Lyre Bird Makes

The Sounds of the Lyre Bird

Take a listen to the amazing sounds that a lyre bird can make, it can mimic almost any sound, whether human, animal, or machine. 

The lyre bird mimics the sounds of other birds usually, although it can mimic almost anything. Nobody really knows why it developed this talent, but if you have a lyre bird as a pet, you can play it your favorite music, and have it sung back to you without the need for electricity. 

There are two species of lyre bird, the superb lyre bird, and the albert's lyre bird, both found only in the Australian rainforest.

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  1. Cool and amazing! This bird reminds me of Mike Tompkins who can do a lot with his vocals as well...not just sing but make instrument sounds. I wonder if he has a lyre bird as pet :-)