Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Hilltop Algorithm: Authority and Expert Ranking

The Hilltop Algorithm: Expert and Authority

This is an article on Triond that talks about one specific part of SEO that many people overlook: the hilltop algorithm. This is how Google determine which sites have expert and authority status, and it is becoming a very important factor in getting a good page rank.

Google have been using this algorithm since 2003, but many people do not know how to use it, as it requires links from an unaffiliated expert site with a different author name, and on a different IP address to get authority.

It is however, a lot easier to get a good expert rating, which also boosts the ranking of your site. Take a look at the article to see how to do this.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

It is not easy for a beginner to learn search engine optimization from posts online, because some of them are really old, and fail to take into account new algorithms, and some people just don't know what they are talking about.

I could be one of those people myself, as I am a beginner, and have only been doing search engine optimization for a year. I do however have many articles on the first page of popular searches, and I'm approaching a million hits on my articles after a year of writing.

I'm pretty sure I can teach some basic tips on search engine optimization to beginners, and that's what I aim to do in this article. I hope you will take the time to look at it, if you're reading this at all.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Get More Traffic for Free to Your Website

Get More Traffic for Free 

I don't believe I have the skills to get onto the first page of a Google search on anything to do with get more traffic for free, or get more traffic to your site for free. Anything I do from this point on will probably be a complete waste of my time, because I seem to be stuck on the seventh page of the search, and there's not that much I can do about it, without paying for high page rank back links.



This Blogger blog seems to be a better place to make back links from than I gave it credit for. I seem to be getting a higher page rank the more I use it, and the more back links I make to it. This one is leading to my She Told Me bookmark which points towards my Triond article: Get More Traffic to Your Site for Free.

How much difference will it make to the value of this back link if I add another paragraph of text about things related to the keywords of traffic, free, and SEO? I don't know, but I did it anyway.



Perhaps by constantly updating this blog with links to my bookmarks on other sites, and making back links to the posts, I will eventually get a good page rank. This one is a back link to a She Told Me page, which leads to RedGage, and then to my main article on Factoidz, which has the very hard to compete for title of how do you get more traffic to your site for free. See if you don't learn something.

How Do You Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Site for Free?

How Do You Get More Traffic to Your Site for Free?

There are many methods that people use to get free traffic, and I have only just begun to learn how to use all these different techniques,  but I have managed to get thousands of hits to my articles, and I am gradually getting more and more, building me a reasonable residual income.

This article on Factoidz might have been in hindsight a poor title to try to compete for, given the big websites that have the same keywords, but I thought that because it was a specific question which wasn't in the titles of the articles on the first page, I would have a chance at beating them, and who knows, I may still have a chance, if I make a couple of hundred good back links, and put what I've learned about SEO into practice.

Most of my other articles are on the first page in Australia, and they all have similar titles that have a lot of competition, such as how do you get a million hits on You Tube, or how do you make money at home on the computer, so perhaps if I keep building back links like this one, and continue to learn more about SEO, I will eventually get there.

Sunday, February 20, 2011



I have only just started using this blog regularly, but it does seem to work as a good back link, if I make tons of back links to it, and this one is a link to my bookmark on She Told Me, which itself leads to my article on Factoidz called how do you get more traffic to your site for free?

I may have picked a really hard title to compete for, because so far, I am on the twelth page, but I see it as good practice, in trying to compete for a search with a lot of competition. I am not even halfway through my link building yet, and if I've learned anything about SEO, it is to be persistent, because an extra few hours can push you up to the first page of a really popular search, at least locally.

I do believe that I will get on the first page of a search on how do you drive more traffic to your site for free, because the first page of results for that search do not have titles which specifically mention get more traffic to your site for free.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How Do You Use the Hilltop Algorithm to get a Good Google Rating?

How Do You Use the Hilltop Algorithm?

I just learned about the hilltop algorithm last night, which is strange, as I have been trying to teach myself SEO for the past two years.

Basically this algorithm is what Google uses to determine the authority of a site, based on the amount of relevant expert pages which have consistently linked to it over many years.

An expert page is defined as one that links out to many different authority pages, and consistently writes about relevant content. It also helps if it's on a site that has authority.

An authority page is one that has incoming links from experts, and relevant links from anywhere basically. The hilltop algorithm is just one of many different overlapping algorithms, so all the old things you've heard about keywords and back links still apply, but you need to take into account this new information.

When I say new, it's new to me, but Google has been using this algorithm since 2003. It was invented by a guy called Krishna Bharat from Toronto University. See the article for more information.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Top Ten SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Top Ten SEO Mistakes

This article is an informative list of the worst SEO mistakes that I see people making again and again. People need to learn from their mistakes, and take search engine optimization seriously, or they will never get anywhere.

One mistake that I made myself with this article was that it was too long, and I made too many bookmarks with lots of links to them, because at the moment, one of my She Told Me links is beating this one in a Google search.

What I am doing with this post is making another back link to it, and that should push it back up to the first page again. I don't really like Blogger that much, because my post here don't seem to get on the first page of Google easily, perhaps because it always has the blog title in the title of the post.

For example, this post will be titled SEO Articles| Top Ten SEO Mistakes to Avoid. This seems to cause some problems, because nobody would type in that exact phrase, but at least I can use this blog to make an extra back link every now and then.

What are the Most Common Mistakes in SEO?

I recently wrote an article called top ten SEO mistakes, and it goes through the many things that people do wrong such as picking the wrong title, not making enough back links, and not having a good page design.

The article is already on the first page of a Google search in Australia, and I wonder if you might do me the favor of doing a search to find it, maybe by entering top ten SEO mistakes Factoidz.

Why aren't I including the link in this post? Well, I'm not very confident of the page rank of this blog, and I'm mainly writing this post to maintain this blog, and I'm writing it on my iPad, which means I can't enter links.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Article Writing Sites

Article Writing Sites

This article on Factoidz will tell you everything I've learned about the best sites, their methods of pay, the editorial guidelines, etc.

I have tried so many different article writing sites, and I think I have finally found the ones that work the best for me. These are the ones that either pay the most per page view, or allow you the most options for publishing self-promotional material, such as adding banner ads, and referral links.

I have made a lot of money simply by referring people to other places from my articles, and if you have a good knowledge of SEO, and choose the right title, that will catch someone who is already interested in what you have to tell them, you can make a lot of money.