SEO Versus Social Media Marketing

SEO VS Social Marketing

There are many ways to drive traffic to a site, and the main methods are SEO, social marketing, and pay per click advertising. 

They all have their benefits, and different amounts of effort, time and money that are needed to make them happen. 
SEO is the art of getting a search engine like Google to place your page highly in their search results, and it is getting easier to compete for specific keyword phrases, if you make quality, informative pages. 

SEO may involve making lots of back links if you want to compete for a really popular keyword phrase, but for me, it's mostly about inventive title choice. 

This blog has lots of advice on SEO, so I'll move on to social promotion. There are over a billion people on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and social promotion is probably the future of the internet, unless pay per click advertising goes down in price. 

The reason is that you can build up your network of social friends and followers, and they stay there, and it doesn't cost you anything to tweet something out to them, there's barely any effort involved, except getting them in the first place, and it's not that hard to increase your social "list" much faster than you could build an email list, and for free.

The truth is, they are both very important methods of driving traffic to a site, and if you don't focus on both SEO and social promotion together, you will probably miss out on half of your potential traffic.

Update: I like doing these updates, but what I just wanted to explain is that I made these pages three years ago, and they don't look very good, or get across my message of how much of an expert I have now become in the years since then.

I can't be bothered saying much more than that on a page like this, except to say that you should check out my site where I actually work now.