Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making Money From Amazon Affiliates

Making Money As an Amazon Affiliate

As this article will explain, I have made some money from Amazon Affiliates from this blog, because I keep posting in it, and I put relevant product links in the post such as books on SEO.

So far, I have only made ten dollars from Amazon Affiliates, and I'm a long way off the $100 I need before they send me a check with my money, but I mainly use this blog for SEO purposes to make back links to my articles, so it doesn't bother me too much that it will take a while before the money comes in, because I'm getting paid from Factoidz, my main article writing site.

For example, I made about $100 last month on Factoidz, compared to the less than $10 I got from Amazon, and as soon as I published the article above, I got an activity bonus of $2.80, and continue to get paid around $5 per thousand views on the page.

I know that it takes a lot of skill to target the right sort of customers who already want to buy that particular product, but from what I've heard, 99% of all Amazon and Clickbank affiliates don't ever sell enough to get their first payout.

I guess I'll probably get paid eventually, only because I'm incredibly persistent, and it isn't actually the main focus of why I'm writing this blog. I write on SEO Articles to make back links to my articles, drive extra traffic, possibly pick up a job or gig in the SEO business, and even pick up referrals for Factoidz.

The small amount of money I make from Amazon affiliates is really only a bonus, and that's why I continue to write in this blog with Amazon ads, also because I lost my Google Adsense account, so it's either that, or nothing.

My Experience With the Apple iPad

I bought an iPad about a year ago, and this article is about my experience with the iPad, and the limitations it has, and the good points as well. An unbiased review based on what I have been able to do with it.

I have really enjoyed using my iPad to surf the net, and make artwork like the photo above. I did that one on a free app called Doodle Buddy, and then I messed around with it a little in iPhoto.

I like playing free games like chess, poker, and checkers, but most of all, I like the fact I can download free movies and tv shows onto it, and watch and listen to it wherever I go.

I wrote an article about how to do that if you're interested, and it will show you not only how to download video (like You Tube), straight off your computer screen, but get free movies, tv shows, and more, and convert the files for free using a free software download called Prism.

The article I wrote on Factoidz is: Watch Free Movies and TV Shows on an iPad, and it gives you a huge amount of knowledge about how to download almost anything like free porn straight off your screen, music, movies, TV shows, and even software that would usually cost a lot of money, and convert it to a file compatible with your Mac, iTunes, and your iPad or iPhone.

They have already come out with the iPad 2, so that might be the better one to get, as I'm sure it corrects a few problems that existed with the first one, like the fact it wouldn't play flash videos.

There are some limitations with an iPad, but then we are still in the early stages of tablet computers, and if you have the money to get one of these things, they are an awesome little toy to surf the net on.

I often write posts in this blog on my iPad, and it works really well on Blogger, maybe not so well on some of the other sites I write articles for, but most sites are compatible.

This post didn't really have anything to do with SEO and articles, but I had to make a back link to that article, and I wanted to try and sell an iPad, as I've just started making some money as an Amazon affiliate.

Decreasing Your Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is an SEO term used to describe the amount of visitors to an article or site that leave almost straight away.

Since the recent Google farmer algorithm update (2011), the bounce rate has become more important, as it indicates whether the page is of high quality, keeps the visitor reading, and answers their question.

Google places importance on how long they stay on the page, whether they go back to the search results and click on another page, go further into the website, and whether they click on an ad.

I'm pretty sure that Google likes to see Google Adsense ads on the page, although all of these algorithms are just one small part of the big picture.

The only real way to decrease your the bounce rate of your pages is to write an article that answers a question, but not straight away, and that brings up new questions, and provides links on the same domain for people to find out more.

For example, I have just told you how decrease your bounce rate by keeping people reading, but you may be interested in reading more about how to improve the SEO of your articles, or in hiring some really affordable SEO services, so please take a look at some of the other posts on this blog to learn other ways to get a better Google rating.

Friday, March 25, 2011

RedGage is a Scam

RedGage Scam

After posting links and photos on RedGage for a while, I got my first payout, or rather I didn't, and realized that the site is a scam, especially for non-US citizens.

They took four months to send me my RedGage Visa card, and when I activated it and tried to use it I found it didn't work.

I also found out that I could not continue to receive electronic transfers of money to the card unless I registered it, and only US citizens could register their card on the activation site.

There was no customer service from either the activation site, or the RedGage support team, and so I can only assume that their plan all along was not to pay me.

Even if I could have got money out of the useless card, there was five dollars worth of fees, for one transaction, and I have read countless other similar stories from other people who think RedGage is a scam.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Using the StumbleUpon Toolbar Effectively

How Do You Use the StumbleUpon Toolbar?

Many people who have been using StumbleUpon for years still don't know how the site works, and why they aren't getting hundreds of thousands of views like other people do.

There are many reasons why they may not be having any luck, such as they don't have enough followers, they don't share pages with all their followers, they don't vote up pages that are shared with them, and many other things like that, which I discuss in the article on Factoidz.

Monday, March 21, 2011

SEO Versus pay per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising Versus SEO

There are benefits of both types of promotion, but on the one hand, you have to pay for clicks on your website, and you may not even sell enough product to make your money back, and on the other, you get paid by many sites to make back links which drive traffic and improve your placing in the organic search results.

How do you know when your situation demands a focus on pay per click advertising or SEO, and what do you do to maximize the benefits you get from both types of promotion? This article explains how to get cheap clicks on an advertising campaign, and how to get on the first page of a Google search for hundreds of different titles.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can You Make Good Money Writing Articles Online?

Can You Make Good Money Writing Articles Online? 

The truth about writing articles is it is not easy to make good money, but then compared to all of the other ways to make money online, it is perhaps the best low risk option, and it is a learning experience which can teach you SEO.

Search engine optimization is the only real way to get paid well for your articles, although you can sometimes get paid in up front payments, such as on a site like Factoidz. I did a projection of my earnings based on writing one article a day for ten years, and worked out I make as much per hour as a regular nine to five job.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Following People on Social Sites

Following People on Social Networking and Social Bookmarking Sites

There are many benefits to having a lot of followers and friends on lots of different social networking and social bookmarking sites, but should you spend hours following people on these sites, and which ones should you concentrate on?

In this article, I talk about the SEO benefits of getting do follow links from social bookmarking sites, plus ways you can get thousands of page views if you do the right things on certain sites like Stumble Upon, and I also discuss whether Facebook and Twitter friends and followers are really as valuable as they seem.



Social networking and social bookmarking sites can be very beneficial in terms of getting page views, and even boosting your Google rating, but you have to know how to use each site and it's individual following procedures.

In this article, I talk about the best social bookmarking sites, the best social networking sites, how they work, how to get more page views, and do follow links, and whether or not you are wasting your time by following people continuously on them.