Monday, April 18, 2011

Making Pages With Good SEO

Making Pages With Good Search Engine Optimization

The number one most important thing in SEO is making pages with a title that people will search for, but don't have too much competition. 

When I first made this blog, I called it SEO Articles, and I couldn't have picked a worse title to try to compete for. 

I'm not sure that Article Invention is much better, but I'm gonna try that one out for a while, and see if it works well enough to bother getting a custom domain name here on Blogger. 

People think that SEO is hard, but all it really comes down to is picking the right title, and making a nice, long, high quality page with a few keywords scattered through it, (about 3%), some photos, subheadings, and a few back links to it. 

You could build hundreds of back links to a site, and try to compete for a keyword phrase with a high search volume, but it may not work, so the best way is to pick a title that most people wouldn't think of, and then do that a thousand times. 

For example, the title of this blog post is making pages with good SEO, and while that may be a phrase used a lot by SEO experts, there are probably not any website home pages that have that exact title. 

I'm pretty sure I can compete for that title, at least on the first page of a Google search locally, and therefore I will pick up a small amount of traffic each year. 

It's when you do that over and over again that it really adds up. Why bother spending all of your time trying to build up the home page of your website, when you could send them there from thousands of different articles and blog posts with specific titles? 

How do I Know About Making Pages With Good SEO?

I learned everything I know about SEO from writing on article writing sites like Factoidz, and that's pretty much it. If I was going to try to sell something, like an iPad, I wouldn't try to compete for any keyword phrase that had iPad in it, I would think of something the iPad can do that solves a problem that people have, try to think of the phrase they might enter if they had that problem, and then make a page with that title. 

For example, I might write an article or blog post entitled: I got a stiff neck from sitting at the computer all day. Then I show them the iPad 2, which they can use to do most of the same things in bed.

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