Sunday, December 25, 2011

Can You Make Sales Just By Getting Facebook Page Likes?

Do Facebook Page Likes Work For Making Sales? 

This is a good question: can you make sales just by getting Facebook page likes? The answer is probably not, unless you are trying to rank for a very easy keyword phrase, and don't expect to make a lot of sales.

It's not hard to rank a Facebook page on Google for a phrase with low competition simply buy buying Facebook page likes, but it takes a bit more than that to compete for a medium competition phrase.

For example, you need to make a lot of back links to the page, from articles, blog posts, blog comments, and all sorts of different places.

It's a good idea to update your Facebook page regularly, with a lot of keyword relevant content, as well as engaging photos, videos, questions, contests, and other things to encourage the interaction of other people on your page.

You should probably allow people to post things on your wall, because this sort of interaction is a positive thing for showing that your page has real participants, and this is an important metric to take into account when thinking about the way that Facebook ranks pages.

Can you make sales just by getting Facebook page likes? Yes you can, but it helps if you do everything else right as well.

Friday, August 19, 2011

How do you set up Scheduled Tweeting?

Scheduled tweeting is a fairly simple thing to set up, you just have to know how to do it. I usually get my Twitter followers from Twiends, and then schedule my tweets using Twaitter.

This is a fairly simple process, and if you just get purchase a weekly subscription of seeds from Twiends, and have your recurring tweets scheduled on Twaitter, you can get an ever-increasing amount of traffic on your links, so long as you put enough money into it.

If you don't have a lot of money to put into buying Twitter followers, you can do it yourself, by simply following people to earn seeds, and then you get people following you back for those credits, although you usually end up getting less followers than are following you, so you have to either un-follow the people who aren't following you back, or find some other way to get more people to follow you on Twitter, such as referring people to Twiends, through your referral link.

Now all of this is a pretty complicated, time-consuming process, and there is a site where for just a dollar a day, you can get all of this done for you.

Professional Social Promotion is a site that offers to promote your site through scheduled tweeting, or a one-time share to thousands of people on Twitter, at a very affordable price.

You can choose whether you want to get a subscription of scheduled tweets, which you can pay for on a monthly basis, or a one-time share to all of their social networking sites at once.

It's probably better to get in contact with them, via the email address on the home page, because they are actually a small site run by one person, and if you ask nicely, you can get a really good discount on the cost of social promotion, and scheduled tweeting.

Traffic From Social Promotion

In this informative post, you will learn how to get traffic from social promotion, by either paying for it, or building your list of friends and followers on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The first thing you should probably do is to sign up to Twiends, where you can get an easy thousand Twitter followers for free in a few days, on a new account.

Then, just continue to add friends of Facebook at a rate of about ten a day, or rather, that's how many friend requests you should be sending.

The same applies for StumbleUpon, but remember to look for people who are going to swap votes up on each other's pages, because otherwise, them following you will be practically useless.

You have to try to target the people to follow and make friends with on social sites that are in your niche, or at least in a general community that wants to connect with lots of people.

I talk a lot more about social promotion methods and techniques on my site, Professional Social Promotion, so you should probably visit that, to see the cheap social promotion services we have available, and if you sign up to the newsletter, you get top internet marketing training for free, on traffic generation, and particularly, how to get traffic from social promotion.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buy a Cheap Stylus for an iPad or iPhone

Buy a Cheap Stylus
My new site is Cheap Stylus, and we sell the best stylus and two in one touch pen products you can buy, for the iPad or iPhone, or any sort of touchscreen, at a very affordable price. 

As a matter of fact, it's free to get one basic version sent out to you, if you just pay for the postage and handling, although I would suggest you go for the ones that have a pen for writing on the other end. 

Usually an iPad stylus would sell for anywhere between fifteen and fifty dollars in the shops, depending on the model, and company, and all we are asking you to do is send us the postage, and we'll send you pretty much the exact same thing for free, or give you a really good deal on a good product. 

This is awesome value, you can't get much better, and I really love this product, I use it every day on my iPad, and I simply can't go back to just using my finger. 
 What Makes a Stylus so Good?

The reason it's so good, is you don't get dirty smudge marks on your screen, you have greater control, and can click on tiny little intricate buttons which you would normally miss with a finger. 

There is no better way to click on the touchscreen of your iPhone, because you simply can't have any degree of accuracy in the buttons you're pressing on the screen, unless you use a stylus. 

Cheap Stylus has the best and cheapest touchscreen pens and combination pens in the world, because we buy them from the company that makes them in bulk, and sell them for less than what the same manufacturer would sell a single order for, so do yourself a favor, and check out the site.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How do you Succeed at Social Promotion?

Social Promotion Success

There is no guaranteed formula for success in social promotion, if your measure of success is making a profit from the sale of a product or service.

There are however many things you can do to maximize your chances of getting the word out in a big way, through either making social connections for free, or by paying for it.

My favorite social network at the moment is Twitter, because it is fairly easy to get a lot of Twitter followers, and get clicks on the links you tweet, so long as you understand the demographic fairly well.

Succeeding in Social Promotion

I use Twiends to get the followers, and even buy seeds to increase the list faster, because I know that it works well to get traffic, and will probably continue to work better as time goes on.

I work for hours watching You Tube videos, and following people on Twiends, because I know that a good Twitter followers list is an investment, and each of those people may be worth a dollar each on average over time.

I have just built a site called Professional Social Promotion, which has a unique approach to selling your product through Twitter.

The idea is, you sign up for a monthly subscription to daily scheduled tweets on our account, starting from a dollar a day, and that price remains the same, while we put at least half of that money back into finding more followers.

It's one Twitter account, with many different people sharing their link, through Professional Social Promotion.

There are 240 spots available throughout the day for scheduling, and that means a potential of two hundred and forty dollars a day, of which at least half of that money will be put back into finding more followers.

As time goes on, your spot will have more and more potential to reach thousands of people, and you can ask to change the message whenever you want, (so long as it's not every day).

How Many Views Can you get per Tweet?

I can get about a hundred views on one tweet at the moment, so long as it's something informative, that my followers want to read, perhaps something to do with building websites and making them successful.

As the site starts to take off, your original purchase will double in value, then triple, until a few years down the track, you should be able to get clicks from every scheduled tweet for a tiny fraction of a cent.

The long term potential of this is huge, and if you do the math, you can see that your initial investment of around a dollar a day per scheduled daily tweet could get your thousands of customers down the track, of any product you want to tweet in your spot.

Succeed in social promotion, and work with a team to reach the largest number of people possible by checking out Professional Social Promotion.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How do you Find the Greatest You Tube Videos?

The Greatest You Tube Videos
While I have done some good video posts on this blog, I have to say my favorite place to find the greatest You Tube videos, (and lots of them), is Video Mobster.

They are a site specifically designed to find amazing and interesting videos in all sorts of different genres, such as funny videos, creepy, strange, talented people, extreme, animated, and technology videos.

The great thing about this blog is that it is constantly updated with great stuff, that is aimed at being so entertaining that you will share it with friends, bookmark the page, or follow via Google Friend Connect. 

Some of my favorite videos are the extreme skateboarding and BMX tricks. I also like the weird animation stuff.

This is definitely a site that has the greatest You Tube videos in my opinion, but everyone has different tastes. I hope you will check it out, and see for yourself. 

Here's a great one from the site to show you what I mean. This one is called Funny Voice, and the original You Tube video was called: The funniest video in the world!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Double Your Reading Speed in Minutes

Today, I aim to show you how to double your reading speed in minutes, with fairly good comprehension, by using a few simple speed reading techniques.

This You Tube video isn't really a video, but an audio track of a kick drum doing a metronome beat of 50 beats per minute.

The average reading speed is around 250 words per minute, and if you think there are about ten words in each line of this article, then that means if you read one line every beat of this metronome, and can understand what I'm saying fairly well, you will have a reading speed of double the average person.

The first step is using something to help your eyes follow the words across the page in a smooth movement, whether your finger, the other end of a pen, or the mouse pointer.

Speed reading works better on a physical book, or an electronic reading device, but you can use the same techniques on your computer screen.

The main thing you are trying to do is stop the sub-vocalization in your brain, which means you speak the words as you read them in your head.

By forcing yourself to speed up, you stop your brain's ability to sub-vocalize, as most people cannot speak that fast, and so you start to gather the meanings of words faster.

My father is Bob Casey, a world-class speed reading teacher with forty years experience. He has just made a website that teaches you how to double your reading speed in an hour.

Some of his past clients were The Australian Bureau of Statistics, and The Australian Tax Office. Take a look at his site, and double your reading speed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Born With a Frog Head

This is really disturbing, but I felt I had to share it. It's not really a baby born with a frog head, but a birth defect called anencephaly.

According to Wikipedia, anencephaly is a disorder that results from a neural tube defect that happens when the cephalic or head end of the neural tube fails to close, resulting in an absence of a large part of the brain, skull and scalp.

Children born with this disorder rarely survive birth, and are missing a forebrain, the largest part of the brain, which among other things is used for conscious thought. So it's not really a baby with a frog head, but it kind of looks like it, don't you think?

Monday, May 9, 2011

How do fat People Stand up?

How Do Fat People Stand Up?

Ever wonder how fat people manage to stand up? It's not easy to get on your feet when you're carrying around the weight of an extra person.

This video shows the step by step process involved in getting up from a lying down position on the couch, for an average fat man.

This video is both an instructional lesson on how to stand up when you are a fat person, and a public service announcement to those who may not yet have trouble standing up from a sitting or lying down position. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Learn how to Meditate Correctly

Meditation is the art of shutting off the conscious mind, and relaxing into a state of unconsciousness. It is stopping the mad chatter of the head and focusing on just breathing or being.

The goal is inner peace, enlightenment, and relief from stress. This video shows very clearly how to meditate correctly, and should guide you towards finding your inner peace and enlightenment through traditional meditation methods.

For more tips on the best way to meditate correctly, and some words of enlightenment gained from Zen masters, take a look at my article on Factoidz, which is entitled: Enlightenment Gained From Meditation.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Before and After Photos From the Biggest Loser

These are some before and after photos of contestants from the Biggest Loser season five. It's quite amazing how much weight people can lose in a few weeks if they try hard enough, eat the right food, and get a little motivation.

I'm trying to lose weight myself at the moment, and I am really impressed at what these people were able to do. It is possible to get similar results at home, but you have to eat really healthy food, and work out every day.

If you want to keep the weight off, you have to continue to exercise and eat well on a permanent basis. Nobody wants to have trouble walking, and nobody wants to die young, so you don't need a million dollars as your incentive, it's your life.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strangest Body Augmentation Ever

Insane Body Augmentation
This guy has spikes, and silicone implants in his head, but that's not the end of it. Apart from the tattoos, he has one tattoo of a naked woman, and he actually got surgery to make her appear to have real, tiny breasts!

There are a lot freakier types of cosmetic surgery that people do on themselves, but I've never heard of a guy getting tiny breast implants for his arm before. That's why I'm calling this the strangest body augmentation ever. 

Eyes Popping Out of Your Head

Eye Popping Madness
I'm sure you are familiar with the expression, "your eyes are popping out of your head!" Well here's some people who really do have their eyes popping out of their head. 

It's a short video, so there's not all that much you can say about it. I wonder if they get paid well for doing that.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Biggest Mouth in the World

Is This the Biggest Mouth in the World?
This guy has a mouth so big, he can fit a whole soda can right in his mouth without even trying. I have no idea why. 

It's quite incredible seeing just how much he can fit in there, and a little scary. It's a good thing he doesn't have sharp teeth. 

The Longest Tongue in the World

Does This Guy Have the Longest Tongue in the World?
I'm not sure if there have been any definitive studies done on who has the longest tongue in the world, but if this guy isn't it, then he would have to be close. 

He does some crazy tricks with his unusually long tongue, and it's a bit gross, but I had to share it with people anyway.  

Opera Singing Parrot

This Parrot Sings Like an Opera Singer!
Listen to this parrot sing like Pavarotti! Here, he does a rendition of The Magic Flute by Mozart. In terms of parrots who can sing, I'm sure he's right up there with the best of them. 

Thank you celinhafink for this amazing video of your opera singing parrot, It's too bad he's no longer with us, but his amazing voice will live on in the hearts of millions. 

The Biggest Bodybuilders in the World

Check out the Muscles on These Guys!
This is a compilation video of the biggest bodybuilders in the world, and as you can see, they are absolutely enormous. 

One guy had biceps so big, they exploded, so look at it as a public service announcement about the dangers of taking steroids, and share it with your friends. 

Bodybuilding is a sport, but once it reaches a certain point, it's more like a circus sideshow act. Don't take performance enhancing drugs! Drugs are bad, OK?

Ridiculously Large Muscles

Take a Look at These Ridiculously Large Muscles!
It's absolutely unbelievable what some people do themselves in the name of body building. These guys have muscles so big, they look like they're going to explode, and in fact one guy's bicep did explode. 

These are the dangers of steroids, and you kids should not attempt this at home. Please share this video with your friends as a public service announcement on the dangers of ridiculously large muscles. 

Animals Going Crazy

These Animals are Going Absolutely Crazy!
This is a compilation of some of the craziest animal footage ever shot. There's cats and dogs, and even lions, polar bears and monkeys, doing the most insane things. 

Everyone loves animals, doing funny and crazy things, so take a look. This You Tube video compilation by MalamuteKid is set to the music of Ozzie Ozbourne's Hellraiser. 

Lions and tigers and bears oh my! You won't believe some of the weird stuff in this video. Please share it with your friends if you think they would laugh. 

Amazing Talking Parrot

Check out this Amazing Talking Parrot!
You have to take a look at this amazing video of a talking parrot. It makes sounds, and says words as though it really understood what the woman was saying. 

She asks it to make about a hundred different sounds like a dog barking, a chimpanzee, a rooster, and many more, and it does the most funny impression. 

I don't know how she trained the parrot to do it, but it's the most amazing talking parrot I've ever seen. If you agree that other people need to see this, please share it with your friends. 

The Sounds a Lyre Bird Makes

The Sounds of the Lyre Bird

Take a listen to the amazing sounds that a lyre bird can make, it can mimic almost any sound, whether human, animal, or machine. 

The lyre bird mimics the sounds of other birds usually, although it can mimic almost anything. Nobody really knows why it developed this talent, but if you have a lyre bird as a pet, you can play it your favorite music, and have it sung back to you without the need for electricity. 

There are two species of lyre bird, the superb lyre bird, and the albert's lyre bird, both found only in the Australian rainforest.

Robot That Can Play The Violin

New Robot by Toyota can Play the Violin

This amazing new robot from Toyota can play the violin, and do many other things such as dance, talk, and even learn. 

The technology is getting to the point where soon we will not just have a robot that can play the violin, but a whole team of robots playing in a band on real instruments, faster and better than a regular band could play. 

I'm not saying that musicians are going to be replaced by robots any time soon, or that a robot band will be bigger than the Beatles, but one day, the descendants of this robot that can play the violin will surely take over the world.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Much Potential Does Twitter Have for Marketing and Promotion?

The Potential of Twitter for Marketing and Promotion

Twitter is probably the fastest growing site in the world in terms of traffic and new sign-ups, and it looks to be giving Google and Facebook a run for their money in terms of marketing and promotion within a few years, and it doesn't even show advertising on the site. 

In 2011, the site has over two hundred million regular visitors, rising from twenty million in 2009, according to Alexa traffic statistics. 

Facebook and Google have almost a billion regular visitors each, and there are other sites that get more traffic than Twitter, but none of them are growing so quickly. 

In terms of marketing and promotion, it's possible to get a thousand Twitter followers a day or more, and you can do it for free by clicking a button, or even pay for followers on a site like Twiends

Marketing and Promotion on Twitter

There are many ways to do marketing and promotion on Twitter, but I'll tell you how I do it. I write a whole bunch of articles, (they could perhaps all be pointing back to the one site), and I tweet the links out with enticing messages to my multiple Twitter accounts using a service like Splitweet, which lets you tweet to multiple Twitter accounts at once.

I also use Twaitter to schedule links all through the day, and perhaps manage which followers I want to follow back, or unfollow using Tweeter Karma.

I just keep writing more articles, getting more followers, and figuring out which pages make me the most money, and get the most views, and tweet them more often. 

You have a limit of the amount of times you can tweet one link in a day, and it takes a couple of hours before you can do the same one again, but you can tweet different sub-domain URLs from the same domain one after the other.

Personally, my problem is that I haven't found the perfect way to make money yet. I don't have my own domain name, I haven't found my niche, and I lost my Google Adsense account. 

I am looking to get work writing, link building, and doing social promotion for other people, so if you are interested, you can contact me at, or take a look at my gigs on Fiverr.

For more Twitter marketing and promotion tips, by one of these great value books from Amazon. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

What is the Best Way to Sell Affiliate Products Online?

The Best Way to Sell Affiliate Products

I'm just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing, and I have no formal training, and I'm trying to work out the answer to this question myself. 

From what I've seen, there is a lot of competition for every method of selling affiliate products, and every profitable niche seems to have been filled by professionals in the game. That doesn't mean you can't find a way around them.

The most profitable way seems to be building a website with good SEO, in a specific niche which doesn't have as much competition as the more expensive affiliate products. 

Then, you use link building to get it on the first page of a Google search for the title, and in multiple related searches, and you also use pay per click advertising, social promotion, and perhaps email marketing to drive more traffic to the site.  

So What is the Best Method of Affiliate Marketing?

There isn't one specific way to do affiliate marketing, it's more about finding what you can do that makes money, and doing that. 

Personally, I'm mainly selling products through Amazon Associates on my blog because I lost my Google Adsense account. I have sold a few books, but nothing big yet. 

I write titles that are specific, so they get on the first page of that exact Google search and stay there, (hopefully). I get a thousand Twitter followers a day through Twiends, and tweet out links to all my good pages. 

It's slow going, and I'm sure there are faster ways, such as paying for advertising, or having a well-optimized website, but I don't feel like risking money, until I have a better idea of what it is I want to sell.

For SEO, you can do some keyword research by typing in a keyword phrase in the Google Adwords keyword tool, and seeing the search volume globally and locally, then you do a Google search, and check the page rank of the first page results. Type the keyword phrase in quotation marks to see the exact match results. 

Write articles, and use social bookmarking sites to make back links, which improves your Google rating, and make sure you pick a title that hasn't got too much competition. 

As I said, I'm just learning about all this stuff, and there aren't any magic solutions to earning $10,000 a day from an hour's work as some scam sites would claim, cause if they could do that, why would they bother telling you so you could compete with them? 

I would recommend reading these cheap books from Amazon though, as I'm sure you would learn something helpful.

How do you Continue to Work When you Cant Walk?

Continue to Work Even Though you Can't Walk

It's never easy to deal with a permanent injury, particularly one that is so serious that you can no longer walk, but it is very possible to continue to work, perhaps even in the same industry you were in before. 

There are many people in wheelchairs who drive themselves to work each day, and sit at a computer, or answer phones, but if you would rather not have to stay quite so active, you can work for yourself at home on a lap top, sitting in bed, doing pretty much what I'm doing now.  

Continue to Work Online

You might ask what I'm talking about, and I'm not talking about one specific opportunity, but you can set up a free blog like this one, and put ads on the page from Google Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, or any number of different companies. 

You write fairly specific titles, make sure you don't stuff too many keywords in, make a few back links, and you should get found in a Google search. I talk more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods in another article. 

The other way I get traffic to my pages is through SMO (Social Media Optimization). Every day, I add about a thousand Twitter followers on Twiends, which I can do by clicking a button on my iPad in bed, and I tweet out to my followers the links of my articles and blog posts, and get an ever-increasing amount of traffic, which converts to real money from clicks on the ads.

An iPad has some limitations, so if you are planning to work on the computer in bed, I would suggest using a light lap top computer, and my favorite type of computer is a Mac. 

You can get a Macbook for almost half the price (buying it online through Amazon), as you would be able to get it for in a store.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is There any Way for me to Work From bed?

 Is there a Way for me to Work From Bed?

Is there any good way to work at home in bed, and make a decent living? Well, I'm in bed right now, writing this blog post on my iPad.

It is probably better to use a lap top for increased functionality, but I like the iPad cause it's small and doesn't weigh much.

I do a lot of stuff in bed, such as get Twitter followers by pressing a button on Twiends, writing blog posts and drafts, and maybe filling out surveys.

I don't make a great deal of money right now, but the way blogging works is you build up a residual income as people find your blog posts in a Google search or other places, and perhaps even become return visitors.

The visitors click on the ads every now and then, and you can set up your blog or website to show ads from Google Adsense, Amazon, or any other type of advertising company.

I don't do all my work in bed, as I need to use my normal computer to do stuff I can't do on the iPad like add photos and links, and in hindsight, I probably should have bought a laptop.

I only just started blogging here, I usually write articles on Factoidz, where you can make up to $20 straight away for doing a 300 word product review, or up to $3 for a regular article, plus residuals from views on the page.

How Much can you Make Working From Bed?

To tell you the truth, I'm only just learning how to make money online, or work from bed, but I'm getting about a thousand Twitter followers a day by clicking a button while watching TV, and by tweeting links to the pages I write, I make about ten cents extra a day for each thousand.

To make that clear, I have about twenty thousand Twitter followers, and by tweeting different page links at different times of the day, I can get over a thousand views, depending on whether the titles have widespread appeal.

A thousand views could be worth anything from fifty cents to twenty dollars or more, depending on the value of the keywords of the ads, and whether people click on them.

I haven't been doing this long, but if I keep doing what I'm doing, by my calculations, I should have a million Twitter followers within five years, and be getting around fifty thousand page views a day, mostly from Twitter and Google, which would make me as much as a regular job, and the income would continue to grow, and perhaps double a few years after that.

I think I am on the right track, I'm learning new things every day, and I think it's very possible to work from bed and make a good living if you stick at it and don't give up. Take a look at my other posts for more tips.

Now, if you don't already have a good lap top, I would recommend you buy the latest Macbook from Amazon, which is a lot cheaper to buy online than it would be in a department store.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Cant Seem to Make any Money Online

I can't seem to make any money online. How about you?

It's not that I haven't made any money online, and I understand the idea of building a residual income, as opposed to a day's pay for a day's work, but after trying for a year and a half to make some decent money by writing articles and doing odd jobs here and there, I feel that I may be doing something wrong. 

I have made a couple of thousand dollars, and built a residual income of a few dollars a day, which fluctuates as the views on my pages go up and down, and sometimes a site I write on will change it's payment plan, which affects how much I make as well. 

I sometimes fill out surveys, do SEO and social promotion for other people on Fiverr, but so far I haven't quite grasped how to make enough money online to live comfortably for the rest of my life. 

One of the major hurdles that stands in my way is I lost both my Google Adsense and Google Adwords accounts. 

When writing on my own blog here, I have to use Amazon ads, or ad codes from Adzly. My main plan at the moment is to simply build up enough Twitter followers that I can make a decent living by tweeting my articles on Factoidz and Triond, and then maybe I can use the same Twitter followers to get paid for promoting websites for other people.

Still, that's not such a bad plan, because I am getting a thousand Twitter followers a day, and tweeting to 20,000 can produce a dollar just from my article views, so perhaps tweeting to a million will give me an income of fifty dollars a day. 

It's not out of the realms of possibility that I will be on a decent income, if not a multi-millionaire within the next ten years, if I just keep at it, learning and changing. I think a lot of people would identify with the statement of "I can't seem to make any money online", because at least 99% of all people who try to make money online will fail, or rather give up.  


Monday, April 18, 2011

I got a Stiff Neck From Sitting at the Computer all day

Do you have a stiff neck from sitting at the computer all day?

I would assume that if you found this page, you were doing a Google search on something related to having a stiff neck, perhaps from sitting at the computer all day. 

What can I do to help you? Well, I could recommend that you get a massage, take a pill, or drink yourself silly, but preventing a stiff neck may come down to having a chair with better ergonomic design, or not sitting at the computer all day in the same position. 

I do a lot of the work I would usually do sitting in a chair in front of my computer in bed on an iPad 2, and perhaps this is the solution for you. 

You can type, surf the net, make artwork, send emails, or click on buttons, while listening to your favorite music through headphones. It really is the perfect solution to prevent having a stiff neck from sitting at the computer all day. 

Making Pages With Good SEO

Making Pages With Good Search Engine Optimization

The number one most important thing in SEO is making pages with a title that people will search for, but don't have too much competition. 

When I first made this blog, I called it SEO Articles, and I couldn't have picked a worse title to try to compete for. 

I'm not sure that Article Invention is much better, but I'm gonna try that one out for a while, and see if it works well enough to bother getting a custom domain name here on Blogger. 

People think that SEO is hard, but all it really comes down to is picking the right title, and making a nice, long, high quality page with a few keywords scattered through it, (about 3%), some photos, subheadings, and a few back links to it. 

You could build hundreds of back links to a site, and try to compete for a keyword phrase with a high search volume, but it may not work, so the best way is to pick a title that most people wouldn't think of, and then do that a thousand times. 

For example, the title of this blog post is making pages with good SEO, and while that may be a phrase used a lot by SEO experts, there are probably not any website home pages that have that exact title. 

I'm pretty sure I can compete for that title, at least on the first page of a Google search locally, and therefore I will pick up a small amount of traffic each year. 

It's when you do that over and over again that it really adds up. Why bother spending all of your time trying to build up the home page of your website, when you could send them there from thousands of different articles and blog posts with specific titles? 

How do I Know About Making Pages With Good SEO?

I learned everything I know about SEO from writing on article writing sites like Factoidz, and that's pretty much it. If I was going to try to sell something, like an iPad, I wouldn't try to compete for any keyword phrase that had iPad in it, I would think of something the iPad can do that solves a problem that people have, try to think of the phrase they might enter if they had that problem, and then make a page with that title. 

For example, I might write an article or blog post entitled: I got a stiff neck from sitting at the computer all day. Then I show them the iPad 2, which they can use to do most of the same things in bed.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is SEO Easier Than it Seems?

 Is SEO Easier Than it Seems?

For many years people have been told that SEO is all about making thousands of back links, from pages that are keyword relevant, and have a high page rank, from relevant link text, and that have authority or expert status, etc, etc, but from what I know, SEO can be a lot easier than that.

This page is a test, to see if I can get this blog post on my free blog on the first page of a Google search simply by choosing a fairly specific title, and making a few back links from sites like Digg, Delicious, Bebo, Google Buzz, Linked In and Twitter.

I have a feeling that SEO is easier than it seems, and all I have to do is write a fairly long page with fairly relevant keywords in it, mix up the words a little, like I could say that it seems to be easier to do SEO these days since the latest Google algorithm updates, and that's about it.

Subtitles Make for Good SEO

It's a good idea to include subtitles that have some of the keywords in your title, as they split the page up, and make it easier to read. 

What you also have to remember is that the bounce rate is very important these days, so you are not writing for a Google bot, you are writing for people, so they stay on the page long enough to perhaps click on an ad. 

Google will like your page even more if people tend to click on a Google Adsense ad every now and then, but be careful not to do that yourself, or you won't have a Google Adsense account.

Generally these days, it's more about quality than it is about SEO, and the only back links that really count are from sites with a huge amount of authority like a government or university site. 

That's not to say that all of the SEO techniques that have existed for years are not still valid, they are just less important these days, and probably the most important thing you can focus on is title choice, and quality content. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How do you Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer Online?

Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer Online

How do you make money as an affiliate marketer online? It's not all that easy to get into the world of affiliate marketing, because there is a lot of competition from people trying to sell products from companies like Amazon and Clickbank, but really, it's the same sort of thing as having Google Adsense on your page, except you only get paid when someone actually buys the product. 

I am no expert in affiliate marketing, and this blog post is more of a question than an answer to how you make money as an online affiliate marketer, but from what I've learned so far, there are basically two or three main methods. 

You can pay for advertising, make pages with good SEO, or use social marketing to try to get a lot of traffic to your affiliate links, and hope that there are enough people that some of them will buy something. Some say that email lists are the way to go. 

Why do Most Affiliate Marketers Fail?

When you compare the amount of people who would actually buy a product to the number of people who would click on a Google ad, you realize that there is a massive difference in the numbers per thousand views. 

To get paid well for affiliate marketing, or better than you would for an ordinary ad, you need extremely targeted traffic to your website, article or blog post, and you need to pick an affiliate product that pays you well enough for it to be worth your while. 

This is why 99% of affiliate marketers fail. The products that pay the most, and can offer ongoing residual payments have so much stiff competition, you would be lucky to ever get an article or even an ad to compete for those keywords. 

Therefore, you can't get extremely targeted traffic to your pages promoting your high competition affiliate links, and probably the best you could hope for is to use social marketing on Twitter, or spam marketing using questionable methods to get less targeted traffic. 

I talked with this guy who spams emails to people whose email address he pulled off the net using illegal software, and he has to spam 500,000 people to get one sale.

Still, the affiliate marketing business is a billion dollar industry, and if I can't teach you how to do it, maybe you can get some tips from these books from Amazon.