Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buy a Cheap Stylus for an iPad or iPhone

Buy a Cheap Stylus
My new site is Cheap Stylus, and we sell the best stylus and two in one touch pen products you can buy, for the iPad or iPhone, or any sort of touchscreen, at a very affordable price. 

As a matter of fact, it's free to get one basic version sent out to you, if you just pay for the postage and handling, although I would suggest you go for the ones that have a pen for writing on the other end. 

Usually an iPad stylus would sell for anywhere between fifteen and fifty dollars in the shops, depending on the model, and company, and all we are asking you to do is send us the postage, and we'll send you pretty much the exact same thing for free, or give you a really good deal on a good product. 

This is awesome value, you can't get much better, and I really love this product, I use it every day on my iPad, and I simply can't go back to just using my finger. 
 What Makes a Stylus so Good?

The reason it's so good, is you don't get dirty smudge marks on your screen, you have greater control, and can click on tiny little intricate buttons which you would normally miss with a finger. 

There is no better way to click on the touchscreen of your iPhone, because you simply can't have any degree of accuracy in the buttons you're pressing on the screen, unless you use a stylus. 

Cheap Stylus has the best and cheapest touchscreen pens and combination pens in the world, because we buy them from the company that makes them in bulk, and sell them for less than what the same manufacturer would sell a single order for, so do yourself a favor, and check out the site.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How do you Succeed at Social Promotion?

Social Promotion Success

There is no guaranteed formula for success in social promotion, if your measure of success is making a profit from the sale of a product or service.

There are however many things you can do to maximize your chances of getting the word out in a big way, through either making social connections for free, or by paying for it.

My favorite social network at the moment is Twitter, because it is fairly easy to get a lot of Twitter followers, and get clicks on the links you tweet, so long as you understand the demographic fairly well.

Succeeding in Social Promotion

I use Twiends to get the followers, and even buy seeds to increase the list faster, because I know that it works well to get traffic, and will probably continue to work better as time goes on.

I work for hours watching You Tube videos, and following people on Twiends, because I know that a good Twitter followers list is an investment, and each of those people may be worth a dollar each on average over time.

I have just built a site called Professional Social Promotion, which has a unique approach to selling your product through Twitter.

The idea is, you sign up for a monthly subscription to daily scheduled tweets on our account, starting from a dollar a day, and that price remains the same, while we put at least half of that money back into finding more followers.

It's one Twitter account, with many different people sharing their link, through Professional Social Promotion.

There are 240 spots available throughout the day for scheduling, and that means a potential of two hundred and forty dollars a day, of which at least half of that money will be put back into finding more followers.

As time goes on, your spot will have more and more potential to reach thousands of people, and you can ask to change the message whenever you want, (so long as it's not every day).

How Many Views Can you get per Tweet?

I can get about a hundred views on one tweet at the moment, so long as it's something informative, that my followers want to read, perhaps something to do with building websites and making them successful.

As the site starts to take off, your original purchase will double in value, then triple, until a few years down the track, you should be able to get clicks from every scheduled tweet for a tiny fraction of a cent.

The long term potential of this is huge, and if you do the math, you can see that your initial investment of around a dollar a day per scheduled daily tweet could get your thousands of customers down the track, of any product you want to tweet in your spot.

Succeed in social promotion, and work with a team to reach the largest number of people possible by checking out Professional Social Promotion.