Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Much Potential Does Twitter Have for Marketing and Promotion?

The Potential of Twitter for Marketing and Promotion

Twitter is probably the fastest growing site in the world in terms of traffic and new sign-ups, and it looks to be giving Google and Facebook a run for their money in terms of marketing and promotion within a few years, and it doesn't even show advertising on the site. 

In 2011, the site has over two hundred million regular visitors, rising from twenty million in 2009, according to Alexa traffic statistics. 

Facebook and Google have almost a billion regular visitors each, and there are other sites that get more traffic than Twitter, but none of them are growing so quickly. 

In terms of marketing and promotion, it's possible to get a thousand Twitter followers a day or more, and you can do it for free by clicking a button, or even pay for followers on a site like Twiends

Marketing and Promotion on Twitter

There are many ways to do marketing and promotion on Twitter, but I'll tell you how I do it. I write a whole bunch of articles, (they could perhaps all be pointing back to the one site), and I tweet the links out with enticing messages to my multiple Twitter accounts using a service like Splitweet, which lets you tweet to multiple Twitter accounts at once.

I also use Twaitter to schedule links all through the day, and perhaps manage which followers I want to follow back, or unfollow using Tweeter Karma.

I just keep writing more articles, getting more followers, and figuring out which pages make me the most money, and get the most views, and tweet them more often. 

You have a limit of the amount of times you can tweet one link in a day, and it takes a couple of hours before you can do the same one again, but you can tweet different sub-domain URLs from the same domain one after the other.

Personally, my problem is that I haven't found the perfect way to make money yet. I don't have my own domain name, I haven't found my niche, and I lost my Google Adsense account. 

I am looking to get work writing, link building, and doing social promotion for other people, so if you are interested, you can contact me at, or take a look at my gigs on Fiverr.

For more Twitter marketing and promotion tips, by one of these great value books from Amazon. 

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