Friday, January 28, 2011

What Are the Most Searched Things on Google?

What Are the Most Searched Things on Google?

How does a person like me come up with a list of the most searched things on Google, when Google themselves does not publicly make available such a list? I used the Google Adwords keyword tool, which I also use for doing SEO keyword research for my articles, and I made comparisons of the search volumes of different keywords with each other. In this way I was able to compile this set of words, which are mostly sites, but some are also general terms such as sex.

I have written many articles on this subject, because once I had the information, I thought it was a shame to only do one, so I recycled it with many different titles, and almost all of them have been successful to some degree. That's one of the things about SEO for your articles. It's not always about getting one site to rank well, but getting dozens of different sites to do well in different searches, then linking them to each other.

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