Monday, January 17, 2011

SEO Content Written Cheaply

I have learned a lot about SEO in the last two years as an online article writer. I have sometimes been payed only a dollar or so for one of my articles, due to changes in the sites I was writing for.

for example, I wrote at Associated Content, and then they cancelled payment to international contributors. Then I wrote for Bukisa, and they switched payment from views on the page to Adsense or Chitika, and I am not making much from them, as Bukisa takes the best advertising positions on the page for themselves.

I am writing on Factoidz now, where I make an activity bonus, as well as a residual income, so I make a couple of dollars a day there in my first month so far.

I would like to find someone who recognizes my talent for SEO articles, my understanding of the percentage of keywords needed in the text, latent semantic indexing, and how to make good back links, and hires me to write cheap SEO content for their website.

I could write for about a dollar or two per hundred words, depending on how seriously you wanted me to check the keyword percentages, and the quality you expected.

If you are interested, I have a gig on, and my username is rowanman28, or you can message me at rowancasey@big

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