Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to build social bookmarking back links

By using Add This, I have been able to work out a way to make some fairly good back links, that usually push my articles up to the first page of Google.

My favorite social bookmarking sites are She Told Me, Blurpalicios, RedGage and Digg, among many others, but the reason why I mention those, is I can make back links to the URL of the links I make from these sites.

for example, I'll make a She Told Me link, then make a Blurpalicious link to that, then make back links to the Blurpalicious link.

In this way, I transfer page rank to my primary back links, which in turn boosts the page rank of my article.

I haven't done enough of it to raise the page rank of one of my articles past PR 1, but as long as you have the right title, and keyword content, and choose a title without too much competition for your article, you can get to the top of the first page most of the time.

SEO is about back links as much as anything else, once you have the on-page optimization right, and you need to start somewhere, and social bookmarking links are the place to start.

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