Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can you get a Free Blog to Have a High Page Rank

I don't know how some free blogs from Blogspot get a high page rank, I guess that people must have to maintain them, and regularly update them with relevant content, or otherwise it just drops to zero.

I made a ton of back links to this blog, and so far I succeeded in getting a page rank of 0. I saw another free blog on Blogger with a page rank of n/a.

This blog on SEO articles was an experiment, to see if I could use the SEO techniques I learned from writing articles to boost a free blog to a high level on the search engines, and so far it has been a huge failure.

I would suggest you join an article writing site like Factoidz or Triond if you want a way to blog about things, and have pages that can get a good page rank easily. Either that, or pay for a domain name, hosting, and an SEO company to build high page rank back links.

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