Sunday, January 16, 2011

SEO Articles for Your Website

I can write a whole bunch of articles on different sites that create really good quality back links for your business, and I can do it at a really good rate, compared to some of the other SEO companies out there.

Keep in mind, that spun articles do not read well, and duplicated articles are only indexed by Google for a short time, and then they gradually fall out of a Google search, and lose their Google rating.

I am in Australia, and I can write articles which get on the first page of a Google search here, where it may be a lot harder to compete for the first page in America.

Take a look at my profile, where I will write a quality SEO article that makes a great back link and permanent ad for your website for $5.

If you want me to write articles with good SEO on your website, we can work out a different rate for that, cause I don't get paid in residuals.

I also have other services, like making back links from high PR social bookmarking sites, tweeting, digging, etc.

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  1. How has the Panda update affected SEO around the world? I've heard some people say barely at all, and others say it basically reshaped everything about it. I'm really curious to see what the actual effects have been.