Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to get Traffic to Your Articles

Let's say you typed in: how to get the most traffic to your articles. The articles that appeared on the first page of that Google search would be the ones with titles, and keyword content that had the most relevant, related keywords. Then it's about page rank, which is mostly to do with back links.

Keywords, particularly in the title, are the first factor Google looks at when deciding which article to place highest in a search, (you should have the first two tagged keywords in every paragraph, (for me it is traffic and articles) as around 3% of the overall text, but there are so many different algorithms written into Google, I could not possibly explain everything about SEO in this post.

There is an algorithm for latent semantic indexing, which means using your keywords in different orders, like article traffic. There is an algorithm for the photos and videos, and the amount of time it takes the page to load.

There are so many different algorithms, but I just try to pick a good title, include a reasonable amount of keywords, and complimentary keywords. Maybe some long tail keyword phrases in the last tags, and then I make back links from many social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Yahoo Buzz, Google Buzz, Google Reader, Bentio, She Told Me, RedGage, Linked In etc, and if I have the time, I make back links from different relevant articles.

This is the way you get a good page rank, and if you have your on-page optimization sorted, and you know enough about SEO, and make good back links, then you should get a lot of traffic to your articles, or in this case, my blog, SEO Articles.

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