Saturday, January 22, 2011

Writing Articles as Back Links for Other Articles

I have figured out from a lot of trial and error, that if you can't get a back link from the home page of a big website that is relevant to your site, you need to make lots of back links from articles, and boost their page rank with social bookmarking links, and links from yet more articles.

You may be able to hire a cheap article writing service through an SEO company, or on a site like Freelancer, or you might like to hire me through Fiverr, but I charge about five dollars per article, because I make dozens of back links to them, because I want them to be on the first page in Australia, as I make money from that also.

I write on sites like Triond, Factoidz, Squidoo, HubPages etc, and I make back links from sites like Digg, Delicious, Linked In, and about twenty other social bookmarking sites. I make back links to my back links to create a high page rank back link for my articles.

Sites like She Told Me, Redgage, etc. I make a link from them, and then boost the page rank with back links from sites like Bentio, Bebo, Google Buzz, Netvibes etc. There may be a simple way to make quality back links, but so far, I haven't learned it, and I just try to make back links from writing articles.

I am doing alright at it, like I am on the first page of a Google search in Australia on: How to make a million dollars. This is an article on Bukisa advertising my Sidetick referral link. It's free to join, with seven levels of referral. Only pays people in countries that speak English as a first language.

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