Sunday, May 15, 2011

Double Your Reading Speed in Minutes

Today, I aim to show you how to double your reading speed in minutes, with fairly good comprehension, by using a few simple speed reading techniques.

This You Tube video isn't really a video, but an audio track of a kick drum doing a metronome beat of 50 beats per minute.

The average reading speed is around 250 words per minute, and if you think there are about ten words in each line of this article, then that means if you read one line every beat of this metronome, and can understand what I'm saying fairly well, you will have a reading speed of double the average person.

The first step is using something to help your eyes follow the words across the page in a smooth movement, whether your finger, the other end of a pen, or the mouse pointer.

Speed reading works better on a physical book, or an electronic reading device, but you can use the same techniques on your computer screen.

The main thing you are trying to do is stop the sub-vocalization in your brain, which means you speak the words as you read them in your head.

By forcing yourself to speed up, you stop your brain's ability to sub-vocalize, as most people cannot speak that fast, and so you start to gather the meanings of words faster.

My father is Bob Casey, a world-class speed reading teacher with forty years experience. He has just made a website that teaches you how to double your reading speed in an hour.

Some of his past clients were The Australian Bureau of Statistics, and The Australian Tax Office. Take a look at his site, and double your reading speed.

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