Saturday, February 19, 2011

How Do You Use the Hilltop Algorithm to get a Good Google Rating?

How Do You Use the Hilltop Algorithm?

I just learned about the hilltop algorithm last night, which is strange, as I have been trying to teach myself SEO for the past two years.

Basically this algorithm is what Google uses to determine the authority of a site, based on the amount of relevant expert pages which have consistently linked to it over many years.

An expert page is defined as one that links out to many different authority pages, and consistently writes about relevant content. It also helps if it's on a site that has authority.

An authority page is one that has incoming links from experts, and relevant links from anywhere basically. The hilltop algorithm is just one of many different overlapping algorithms, so all the old things you've heard about keywords and back links still apply, but you need to take into account this new information.

When I say new, it's new to me, but Google has been using this algorithm since 2003. It was invented by a guy called Krishna Bharat from Toronto University. See the article for more information.

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