Monday, February 21, 2011

How Do You Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Site for Free?

How Do You Get More Traffic to Your Site for Free?

There are many methods that people use to get free traffic, and I have only just begun to learn how to use all these different techniques,  but I have managed to get thousands of hits to my articles, and I am gradually getting more and more, building me a reasonable residual income.

This article on Factoidz might have been in hindsight a poor title to try to compete for, given the big websites that have the same keywords, but I thought that because it was a specific question which wasn't in the titles of the articles on the first page, I would have a chance at beating them, and who knows, I may still have a chance, if I make a couple of hundred good back links, and put what I've learned about SEO into practice.

Most of my other articles are on the first page in Australia, and they all have similar titles that have a lot of competition, such as how do you get a million hits on You Tube, or how do you make money at home on the computer, so perhaps if I keep building back links like this one, and continue to learn more about SEO, I will eventually get there.

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