Sunday, July 8, 2012

Social Media Marketing For An Affordable Price

Where Can You Get Affordable Social Media Marketing Services?
The best place to find affordable social media marketing services of all kinds is on Professional Social Promotion. 

For example, the site sells random Twitter followers for as low as one cent each, random Facebook page likes for around four cents each, You Tube video likes for five cents each, Google Plus followers for five cents each, and the list goes on. 

Apart from just offering the service of adding numbers to the page, the site also teaches you how to compete on Google for your social media pages, or to get to the top of the searches on the sites themselves. 

For example, most people wouldn't think to check the Google Adwords keyword tool to see the exact match search results for the title of their Facebook page, and then they wouldn't think to check if that exact URL username was available. 

This makes a huge difference in the page's ability to rank on Google, and you also should check the search results on Facebook itself, if it seems like it would be something people would type into the Facebook search box. 

If you can get the right title, username, low competition, and a bunch of cheap likes, that helps you rank your page on Facebook and Google, (after creating a few relevant, high quality back links), and that means you can get targeted likes from that point on. 
Affordable Social Marketing
The same sort of thing is true of You Tube. You have to check very carefully how many views the videos have on a search of the title you want to make a video for. 

If it seems like a popular search that people would type in on You Tube, and there aren't many videos on that search, then you have a good chance of getting a lot of views, which by themselves can rank a video on page on of Google, if you can get enough of them. 

Anyway, I run the site, and I can make you a video, make you a custom tab on your Facebook page, get you social shares, any sort of social connections, or any sort of social media marketing or internet marketing service in general, all for an affordable price. 

If you want to get in contact, my email address is, or you can just visit the site, and take a look at what it has to offer. Bare in mind there's a lot more affordable services I can do for you than what's listed on the home page.

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