Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cheap Facebook Likes For Sale

Cheap Facebook Likes

This video has bad sound quality, or the volume is a little quiet, but I would suggest you turn it up, and listen to what I have to say about cheap Facebook likes, and how they are just one part of an overall Facebook marketing strategy that works really well. 

As I say in the video, you first have to do some keyword research, and figure out what you want to call your page. 

Then, you put lots of relevant, high quality content on it, and buy Facebook likes cheap, from me, or someone else. 

If you want to talk to me about pricing, send me a message at I'd prefer you did that than click on the link, which leads to a Typepad blog post. 

Once you have some likes, you can get a custom username, and you want to get the exact match username for your title if it's available. 

Make some extra pages that link to yours, as do follow high page rank cross links within Facebook. Then, make some back links to your page from outside the site. 

Keep updating your page with high quality content, and before you know it, you should be ranking on Google for the title of your page, and I have dozens of Facebook pages ranking first on the first page for some low to medium competition searches. 

By that I mean keyword phrases like affordable social media marketing services, social media tricks, and things like that. 

It's not easy to rank first on the first page for anything in the internet marketing niche, so I'm quite happy with that, and with the page rank of 6 or higher that some of them have. 

Going back to the title of this post, there are cheap Facebook likes for sale on Professional Social Promotion. 

I don't want to link there directly from this blog post, but I included my email, and that has the URL of the site in it, so visit there if you want to buy cheap Facebook page likes for around four cents each. 

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