Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do you have to write a lot to succeed online?

The answer is yes, you do have to write a lot to succeed online, and I do most of my article writing on a site called Factoidz.

It's one of my top ten best article writing sites, in fact in terms of payment, I would put it at number one. I make about ten to fifteen dollars a day there, but I don't write full time, because I also have a site of my own.

I wrote about it on my site though, in a blog post entitled: Article Writing Jobs. There you will see that you can make more money on this site than on any other article writing site online.

I talked to a fellow writer who works there, and she's getting an activity bonus of ten dollars an article, which means she can outsource articles written by other people for a couple of dollars each, and she makes a huge amount, like fifty dollars a day, and growing fast.

If you manage to keep a high SEO rank, and get good traffic, you can get the same sort of activity bonus, and she also gets five dollars a day in daily views.

I'm trying to work my way up to this sort of income, and at the moment, I'm trying to improve my SEO rank by making back links to some of my articles there like: Article Writing Jobs That Pay Well.

It's only by getting a good SEO rank and lots of traffic that you can earn this large bonus in upfront payments, and that's how you can make an almost unlimited amount of money by outsourcing.

The only thing is, it has to be high quality articles, written in good English, or it won't do very well. Here's another article of mine that explains how you can get paid well by writing articles online.

I don't want to link to my Factoidz articles too much, because that wouldn't be good for SEO, so I will now link out to a couple of other sites that I am trying to increase the ranking for as well.

You Have To Write A Lot To Succeed Online

Here is an article I wrote on HubPages which also links to an article I wrote on Factoidz called Article Writing Sites.

I won't make any more links, because that would reduce the amount of link weight for each of the links I just made, but I will say this.

You do need to write a lot to succeed online, either that, or you need to pay someone to write a lot of original content for you.

Google likes original content, and they like nice photos, and videos, and pretty soon, after I finish this, I'm going to make a You Tube video with my Factoidz referral link, so I can get some extra referrals and make some more money.

Do you have to write a lot to succeed online? You certainly do, and the longer you write, and the more words you put on a page, the better you do in the long run.

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