Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Experience With the Apple iPad

I bought an iPad about a year ago, and this article is about my experience with the iPad, and the limitations it has, and the good points as well. An unbiased review based on what I have been able to do with it.

I have really enjoyed using my iPad to surf the net, and make artwork like the photo above. I did that one on a free app called Doodle Buddy, and then I messed around with it a little in iPhoto.

I like playing free games like chess, poker, and checkers, but most of all, I like the fact I can download free movies and tv shows onto it, and watch and listen to it wherever I go.

I wrote an article about how to do that if you're interested, and it will show you not only how to download video (like You Tube), straight off your computer screen, but get free movies, tv shows, and more, and convert the files for free using a free software download called Prism.

The article I wrote on Factoidz is: Watch Free Movies and TV Shows on an iPad, and it gives you a huge amount of knowledge about how to download almost anything like free porn straight off your screen, music, movies, TV shows, and even software that would usually cost a lot of money, and convert it to a file compatible with your Mac, iTunes, and your iPad or iPhone.

They have already come out with the iPad 2, so that might be the better one to get, as I'm sure it corrects a few problems that existed with the first one, like the fact it wouldn't play flash videos.

There are some limitations with an iPad, but then we are still in the early stages of tablet computers, and if you have the money to get one of these things, they are an awesome little toy to surf the net on.

I often write posts in this blog on my iPad, and it works really well on Blogger, maybe not so well on some of the other sites I write articles for, but most sites are compatible.

This post didn't really have anything to do with SEO and articles, but I had to make a back link to that article, and I wanted to try and sell an iPad, as I've just started making some money as an Amazon affiliate.

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