Friday, March 25, 2011

RedGage is a Scam

RedGage Scam

After posting links and photos on RedGage for a while, I got my first payout, or rather I didn't, and realized that the site is a scam, especially for non-US citizens.

They took four months to send me my RedGage Visa card, and when I activated it and tried to use it I found it didn't work.

I also found out that I could not continue to receive electronic transfers of money to the card unless I registered it, and only US citizens could register their card on the activation site.

There was no customer service from either the activation site, or the RedGage support team, and so I can only assume that their plan all along was not to pay me.

Even if I could have got money out of the useless card, there was five dollars worth of fees, for one transaction, and I have read countless other similar stories from other people who think RedGage is a scam.


  1. Hello there! You sound slightly unhappy, but I hope you still have your Redgage card. Here is how to get to use your money:

  2. I'm wondering why so many people still active on redgage, although so many web-blog and forum tell redgage is scam sites

  3. I had over 125.00 on the card they sent and went to use the card and it keeps getting declined.