Sunday, January 8, 2012

Does Smoking Marijuana Give You Cancer?

Does Smoking Pot Give You Cancer? This question is fairly easy to answer, even though some biased people may say that it is the other way around.

Everything gives you cancer, from the sun, to fast food, to food additives, to overhead power lines, to your mobile phone. Smoking pot hasn't been officially and definitively proven to give you cancer, only because almost all of the people who smoke marijuana also smoke cigarettes, or mix tobacco into their pot.

When it's almost impossible to find people who only smoke marijuana, and have no other possible cancer-causing past times, it's impossible to prove that smoking pot by itself causes or doesn't cause cancer.

As I explain in the attached article, most people who smoke pot mix it with tobacco, and smoke it unfiltered through a bong or in a joint, and it is well known that smoking tobacco without a proper filter does increase the risk of cancer, and other smoking related illnesses.

It is simply foolish to suggest that just because one percent of pot smokers who don't smoke cigarettes may have a lower chance of getting cancer than those that also smoke tobacco, that this means anything at all.

If you smoke, you will get sick and die, no matter what you smoke, it's just a matter of time, and you would have to be living in pixie dust fairy land to suggest that smoking marijuana does not give you cancer.

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